Leader’s Guide: Week of September 15


To our Koinonia Shepherds:

Thank you for your ministry to people. Your role as shepherds is greatly needed in our culture. Who else is watching out for us, helping us grow, and keeping the big picture?

There are several things that we talked about in our first Leader’s Meeting. Please keep these in mind as you prepare and connect with your group:

The BIG PICTURE is to grow into an Acts Two community who were centered on Christ, including and serving one another, growing in their faith, and always pursuing the mission of helping others know Jesus.

Please look at your calendars together. There are four special plans to put on the calendar for this quarter:

(1) Once a month, have a meal and share communion.

(2) Pray about a place to serve together once a month. It could be at the home of someone in your group, visit a nursing home, serve at Halloween Happenin’, work on Wednesday night at Cornerstone, Welcome Home, etc.

(3) Calendar together the all-church events. On October 6, we will have a special time of prayer for the church “walls”. (Children too, more later as we study Nehemiah)

(4) Schedule your own bridge building event for this quarter. Plan a fun gathering that you can invite friends to attend. This can be a gathering in town already planned (e.g. Redlands Bowl). Other ideas would be a block party’s event, picnic, hike, food festival, cookie exchange (Christmas), etc. Remember to make it about bridge building, so don’t talk insider language or about church. Just make good connections and let the Holy Spirit love through you.

Please remember that our goal for the year is to help our church be missional – walking through our days praying and expecting God to use us to love and point people toward Jesus.

We can do this is by  . . .

  • Learning to pray kingdom prayers. Our tendency is to focus on our well-being and pray about health, travel, work, etc.
  • Ask each week about how people see God working. Remind them that God is always working and that Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would work through us as we pray and watch through our day. (Colossians 4:2-6)
  • Celebrate prayer. Call each other during the week and find out how they are doing, what they see happening.

Grace and peace to you,

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