Leader’s Guide: Week of September 22

AreWeThereYetWEBTo our Koinonia Community Leaders
This is a busy season for everyone in business, school, and even here at Trinity. I’m so thankful for your investment to make disciples and help others connect in community.

So much is happening every day. I just heard from someone who was praying that God would use them. God put them into a relationship with someone who desperately needed Jesus, they saw God answer their prayers for their family, and they have more opportunities to glorify this week. Wow! What a week for them.

Multiply that by hundreds of families here. God is doing amazing works! So let’s keep praying for one another and declaring our God’s praise.


Our focus this week will be on engaging in Jesus’ mission to win people to faith in Christ. You have the opportunity to lead people into a deeper level of discipleship. And we together, have the privilege of seeing God grow our faith, increase His kingdom, and call people into the joy of partnering in the gospel. I’m so very excited about this.

However, for some of you in new groups, this week is only a few weeks in. Your group is just beginning in their relationships and building trust. For you, think of how you can help your ‘safe house’ grow in love for one another and connect in prayer.


Please look at your calendars together. There are four special plans to put on the calendar for this quarter:
(1) Once a month, have a meal and share communion.
(2) Pray about a place to serve together once a month. It could be at the home of someone in your group, visit a nursing home, serve at Halloween Happenin’, work on Wednesday night at Cornerstone, Welcome Home, etc.
(3) Calendar together the all-church events. On October 6, we will have a special time of prayer for the church “walls”. (Children too, more later as we study Nehemiah). 6:00-7:30 pm,
(4) Schedule your own bridge-building event for this quarter. Plan a fun gathering that you can invite friends to attend. This can be a gathering in town already planned (e.g. Redlands Bowl). Other ideas would be a block party’s event, picnic, hike, food festival, cookie exchange (Christmas), etc. Remember to make it about bridge building, so don’t talk insider language or about church. Just make good connections and let the Holy Spirit love through you.
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