Leader’s Guide: Week of October 13

NehemiahWebBLUEHello All Koinonia leaders,

This is a BIG week. While Pastor Mark is teaching on Nehemiah, you might be doing a different study. But all of us need to be discussing what it means to ‘take our place at the wall’ – to be ‘all in’ to fulfill God’s mission.

To Sermon Series groups: I’m sure you know that we believe God led us to walk through Nehemiah together. This week is about being “all in.” There are some group discussions and some personal reflection about ‘Am I taking my place at the wall?’ In short, do I believe God’s call? Have I given myself over to our reason for being here?

Please pray. Please help people engage.

Halloween Happenin’

As you know, we are giving people an opportunity to serve together at Halloween Happenin’. The purpose is to help people see a sampler of our people, our passion for Jesus, and make it easy for them to be on campus. You might want to ask if they have been involved in the past and would this be a good way to serve together this month.

If you want to serve as a group, I suggest that you consider one of the following ideas:
Create and work game booths. We have plenty of ideas to help. The usual teamwork is to have two people at a time in the booth. Some prefer to work a half shift instead of the evening. That’s your choice. Some groups   work two booths side-by-side. We certainly need you.
Work on a team together. The places where you can do this are (1) parking team on the night of Halloween  Happenin’, (2) construction on weekends, (3) decorations, and (4) Trick or Treat trail.

This event requires about 500 volunteers, so help us commit early and get organized.

Thank you so much,
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Steve Springsted

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