Leader’s Guide: Week of November 3


Greetings All Koinonia leaders,

Thank you to all who served at and prayed for our Halloween Happenin’ outreach. Thousands of children and their parents were greeted and entertained with God’s love. Hundreds of them came into the Evangicube booth where they heard an explanation of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Hundreds also came to the Story Time booth where people read short stories about knowing God. There was also a “Show” inside about the peace that Jesus can give, and hundreds of connections were made with people at many places. Our Trinity Family was full of God’s Spirit and it showed.

To Sermon Series groups: Mark’s excellent message on this chapter is the primary focus of this chapter. This week’s koinonia study is about “joy” and meant to be a complement. You can choose which emphasis to pursue this week.

God is full of loving kindness,
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