Leader’s Guide: Week of January 5

1Peter PowerPointTo our Koinonia Community Leaders,

CALENDAR NOTE: All Koinonia Community Group Leaders are invited to our Team Meeting On Sunday, 8:00 am, in Room M-200. Bagels and fruit will be served.

January is a ‘new start’ month when people consider their direction, their goals, and their habits. This is an opportunity to once again talk about what it means to be “in Christ” and in His community.

I recently saw some results from our church-wide survey. Hospitality is one of our greatest needs. Specifically, we need to improve how “the congregation is engaged in offering themselves and their resources to folks who are new, different, or in need.” In short, newer people need to be invited and included.

So let’s make an extra effort this month to invite in people who are not yet in a community group.


Our focus this week will be on the anchor of our hope, the good news of our secure salvation kept in heaven for us. It is essential for all disciples to both understand and be able to share with others. So dig in together.


Please look at your calendars together. There are four special plans to put on the calendar for this quarter:

(1) Once a month, have a meal and share communion.

(2) Pray about a place to serve together once a month. It could be at the home of someone in your group, visit a nursing home, serve Wednesday night at Cornerstone, Welcome Home, etc.

(3) Calendar together the all-church events. The Men’s Breakfast (with our Navy Seal speaker) is on January 25, Servant Celebration is on February 16.

(4) Schedule your own bridge-building event for this quarter. Plan a fun gathering that you can invite friends to attend. This can be a gathering in town already planned (e.g. Redlands Bowl). Other ideas would be a block party’s event, picnic, hike, food festival, cookie exchange (Christmas), etc. Remember to make it about bridge building, so don’t talk insider language or about church. Just make good connections and let the Holy Spirit love through you.

Appreciate you,

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