Leader’s Guide: Week of February 9

1Peter PowerPointThe Gospel At Home
1 Peter 3:1-7

To all Koinonia Home Group Leaders,

VISION + APPLICATION. This is what we are focusing on this year. Our vision is always to live in true community, helping to make disciples to God’s glory. Each week, your home group gets to talk about how we do this today.

Our church has a “Prayer and Development” team led by Eldon Rynders, one of our elders. This team has assembled a way for us to pray for Trinity Church that is both memorable and essential using an acrostic.
Please share this acrostic with your group and ask them to pray. Perhaps start the discussion part of your group by praying through a portion of it this week.

P-Praise God
R-Rejoicing spirit to prevail at Trinity
E-Elders, pastors, and search committee
P-Pastor whom God has in mind for Trinity
A-Add new believers (that we will be reaching out)
R-Reconcile and Repent
E-Excelling in His love and holiness

U-Unified in mission and vision
S-Serving and giving faithfully


  1. Remember to Schedule time for a meal together (Greg & Lane Schneider sure enjoyed their last one!)
  2. Servant Celebration is February 16, 6:00-8:00 pm. Everyone is invited!…More>>

 Praying for you and your ministry,

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