Leader’s Guide Week of: March 2

Mission Celebration Weekend Koinonia Community Leader’s Guide
Biblical Basis of Missions

To all Koinonia Home Group Leaders


God is at work, encouraging and strengthening many people through you and your fellowship group. Every week we are adding more people into our groups. As we pray and open our hearts, God’s grace is spreading to more and more people. Thank you for shepherding God’s people.

Under the leadership of our elder, Eldon Rynders, a team of people have prepared a special prayer acrostic. “We encourage you to incorporate this praying into your personal devotional life as well as in your church groupings. While the prayer acrostic may seem a bit lengthy and initially intimidating we trust you take it in bite-sized chunks as needed and use it over the long haul.”

Click Here to view the acrostic on our website.

Beginning on March 16, we will be hosting a four-week course called Discover God’s DESIGN. This workshop style series is an opportunity to consider their spiritual gifts and abilities and how God can use them to bless others. All are welcome in Room M201 at 9:30 am.

Joining you in mission,

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Steve Springsted

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