Leader’s Guide Week of: March 16

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We Need the Church…Especially in Difficult Times
1 Peter 5:1-7

To all Koinonia Home Group Leaders

Greetings Leaders,

As you know, we are now only weeks away from Easter/Resurrection Day. This is a good time to remind your group to be praying and inviting people to attend our celebration. We will have invitations ready soon (business card size).

In addition, we have some exciting plans for the weeks following Easter. Beginning on April 27, we will be having an all-church focus on “Follow Me” – a six-week series for the whole church. Children through adults are going to focus on what it means to be a follower of Christ and using materials that the whole family can discuss.

Mark Brown will speaking on six aspects of being a Christ follower. Following that, we will be using workbooks that have devotionals and have a weekly “faith challenge” that we share. We’re asking every Koinonia Home group to plan on using the same materials including the DVD each week in your group. The church will be focused on celebrating on Sundays and inviting people not in a group to join one of the newly formed groups. (Yours will stay intact unless you invite others to join you).

Joining you in a passion to know, love and follow our Savior,

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Steve Springsted

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