Leader’s Guide Week of: April 6

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From Signs to The Savior
John 6:25-35

To all Koinonia Home Group Leaders

Greetings Leaders,

We will soon be having special meetings to discuss the “Follow Me” series. For many reasons, we are asking that all groups to use this series. So please come to one of the team meetings. 

Books go on sale Sunday, April 6.

  • Each person needs their own Bible Study book ($12)
  • T-shirts also go on sale. Look for the people wearing black T-shirts. 

Since we will need extra groups for people not in a group now, we will need EXTRA LEADERS. Please let me know if you have someone you think could lead one of these new groups. 

“Follow Me” by David Platt, will be a church-wide campaign for all ages – TLC, Middle School, High School, and adults. I think you will be very challenged and encouraged as we journey together.
Here are a few quick start points:

  • It is composed of three parts: Sunday messages, personal studies, and home groups. The groups will focus on what we’re learning as well as watching a DVD by David Platt.
  • The Series will be launched on April 27 including fun on the plaza.
  • The Bible Study each week will have 5 days of devotionals, one of which is about making a Personal Discipleship Plan. (Yes, this will be very challenging but has amazing upside potential.)
  • The subjects will be on what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. I have read all six weeks (30 devotionals) and yes, there are some very penetrating questions and statements. I am sure that most of us will be blessed as we apply these truths.
  • The potential for growth is very high. Your leadership will be essential to the success of this adventure in discipleship.

April 6: Books and T-shirts go on sale on the plaza. Each adult will need one.
We will soon issue you your DVD sets for your groups. (No charge to you.)
April 13: Baptism class
April 18: Good Friday service at 7 pm
April 20: Easter/ Resurrection Day service
April 27: “Follow Me”, our six-week adventure together begins on April 27.

Side by side together,
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Steve Springsted

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