Follow Me Leader’s Guide – Week 5

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The Church
Isaiah 6

Greetings group leaders,

I am so glad to walk with you through these important days. We all know that none of our devotions have been quick or easy to digest. Indeed, the author presents many penetrating questions and audacious statements. That being said, I still believe it is helpful for stimulating conversation, deep introspection, and (prayerfully) love-driven application.

This week we will focus on a rare topic: “The Church”- It has become popular today to say that we love Jesus but not the church. David Platt will have much to say about this including another of his bold statements: “In fact, anyone who claims to be a Christian yet isn’t an active member of a church may not actually be a follower of Christ at all.” (page 123) Wow! (Please, don’t misinterpret “follower” as meaning that he is saying that they aren’t saved or aren’t a Christian. Rather, I believe he is saying that they aren’t living obediently as a “follower.”

The week concludes with an emphatic statement: “Love is the distinguishing mark of the church.” (Page 142) This is followed by his definition of the local church: “The church is a local body of baptized* believers joined together under biblical leadership to grow in the likeness of Christ and to express the love of Christ to one another and to the world around them.”

There will be many opportunities for rich fellowship. May our Father give you His love to share and His wisdom to lead your group.

Calendar notes:
     *June 1 is our next baptism class
      June 8 our celebration of baptisms. Please remind people of this opportunity.
      June 1 is also “Selfless Sunday”. We are suggesting that people bring food items to assist

“YouthHope” in their mission to young people. (Please bring items that young people can carry around in their backpacks. (Some are homeless. For example, food bars. See our website.)

Thank you for your leadership and encouragement,

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