Leader’s Guide – Week 1

Koinonia Ephesians Fall 2014 - Week 1-4 - Web Graphic

Ephesians 1:1-14

Greetings Home Group Leaders,

This is going to be a great year. I have heard from many people who are praying and passionate about Trinity Church. Leadership is working hard to listen and move forward in vision and equipping. There fresh excitement in our youth and small group ministries. Let’s keep praying and reaching out together to see God work.

The start up weeks are very important. Here’s a few important items:

  • Be sure that you are valuing every person, contacting them and inviting them to the first session.
  • Read through the study and be ready to lead
  • Organize the first gathering time but leave room for conversation before and after.
  • Mention that the following week you will look at calendar and ways to share the leadership. (See my training notes regarding roles.)
  • Some time in your first session, you may want to walk through “What keeps a good small group good” (see below and in the booklet). This should be a high priority for newer groups (i.e. two years or less).

Thank you for your love and ministry in people’s lives. I am praying for you,

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