Leader’s Guide – Week 5

Koinonia Ephesians Fall 2014 - Week  5-8 - Web GraphicEphesians 3

Greetings Home Group Leaders,

Halloween Happenin’ is back in town! Here are some ways that you can help us pray and team up.

  • Decide if you can start working to prepare and run a game booth. We need about 30 booths led by teams.
  • Encourage people to sign up for set up teams including Construction team that everyone can do. This isn’t just for contractors or handy people.
  • Pick up literature and take it to coffee shops, stores, and neighborhoods.
  • Bring (10 lbs) candy or buy two bags from us on Sunday mornings.

Other prayer needs

  • Pray for the Women’s retreat on Friday through Sunday.
  • The Dad/Kids drive-in Movie night is Friday.

With the joy of being in Christ together,

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