Leader’s Guide – Week 4


Acts 4:32-5:42

Week of February 1 

Hello brothers and sisters,

Teamwork is essential in community. Every person in your group has giftedness that can help a group be a true fellowship. Many leaders have discovered that helping their Home Group use their gifts blesses everyone. Here are some examples of meaningful ways to use gifts:

  • Someone who will oversee your missionary care. (If you don’t have one, call Donna Stark at 909-862-4240.
  • Someone can oversee your calendar (meeting places, snacks, events, Trinity events)
  • Someone can oversee your meals and communion times
  • Someone can help you coordinate your social events to which you invite friends
  • Someone can oversee special care when someone is sick, etc.

Thank you for your teamwork in shepherding this family.


  • KOINONIA HOME GROUP LEADER’S HUDDLE: Sunday, February 15, 8:00 -9:15 am, Room M200. Light breakfast foods served. (bagels, drinks, fruit)
  • February 15 begins the Sundays when High-Schoolers will be regularly worshiping with all adults in Worship Center instead of high school room.
  • March 1 is Missions Sunday.
  • NOTE CHANGE: Servant Celebration will be on April 26.


Pray for our ongoing teams at Micah House, High School as they make the above change, Praxis/college that meets at University of Redlands.

In His joy,

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