Leader’s Guide – Week 8

Acts weeks 5-8 graphicActs 9:1-31

Week of March 1, 2015

Greetings Home Group Shepherds,

We all heard an excellent message on our call to mission. Claude Hickman left us with a challenge to continue “passing the torch.” Let’s continue to pray for one another as God has us in places where we can be His witness.


  • March 8, Daylight Savings Time begins
  • April 5 is Resurrection Sunday
  • April 11 is Serve-It-Up Saturday
  • April 26 is Servant Celebration (Sunday evening) 


  • There is so much in the news about our fellow believers in the world.
  • Thousands in the Middle East are being persecuted and murdered.
  • People in Africa have been abducted, many already killed
  • Believers in Egypt have had their homes and churches destroyed
  • Suggestion: Ask your group to pray through 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (perhaps do this together)

In His Joy,

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Steve Springsted

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