Leader’s Guide – Week 9

Acts 9-12 graphicActs 9:32-10:48

Week of March 8

Greetings Home Group Shepherds,

A week ago, we heard the challenge to “pass to the torch.” Many times we are willing but we are afraid that our friends are not wanting. Let’s pray for open doors with the people in our circles and for compassionate hearts in us to love and invite people into our lives.


  • This Sunday, the new Acts Booklets (weeks 9-12) will be available to pick-up on the plaza. You may also pick them up in the front office.
  • March 29 is our next Home Group Huddle for you leaders, 8:00 am, with light breakfast foods.
  • March 29 at 11:15 am is our next Baptism class.
  • April 5 is Resurrection Sunday
  • April 11 is Serve-It-Up Saturday
  • April 26 is Servant Celebration (Sunday evening)


  • Begin praying with your group about inviting friends to Easter (Resurrection Sunday)
  • Please pray for the thousands of persecuted believers in the Middle East.

Gratefully yours,

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Steve Springsted

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