Leader’s Guide – Week 10

Acts 9-12 graphicActs 11:1-30

Greetings Home Group Shepherds,

The annual “Run through Redlands” took place last Sunday. The event is a little slice of ‘my home town’ for those who live in this area. Most of our communities have events that are local and feature ‘our people.’

Each of us also has a smaller group of friends and family that are even more up-close and personal. These are the people where we will have opportunities to love and serve people. As we live and love in a way that honors Jesus, they will see and want to enter in.

As you lead your group this week, be sure to value and pray for each person and the circle of friends that they influence.


  • March 29 Home Group Huddle for you leaders, 8:00 am, light breakfast foods, Room M200.
  • March 29 at 11:15 am is our next Baptism class.
  • April 5 is Resurrection Sunday.
  • April 5-11 – Home Groups on Spring Break
  • April 11 is Serve-It-Up Saturday. 


  • Continue praying with your group about inviting friends to Easter (Resurrection Sunday).
  • Pray for the people in your neighborhood.

Teamed up with you,

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Steve Springsted

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