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Designed By God Study Guide 1-webWeek of April 12, 2015

Greetings Home Group Shepherds,

The Hebrews witnessed God part the Red Sea, freeing them from captivity. This was the focus point of the Hebrews for hundreds of years. Parents would tell the next generation and they would tell their children. For us, the parting of the Red Sea is seeing people turn from running from God to running to Him, from darkness to light, from captivity to freedom in Christ.

Jesus said “My Father is always working and I too am working.” Soon, He was going to ask the Father to give the Holy Spirit to all who believe. God is doing great things every day. And nothing is greater than the miracle of lost people coming into an eternal relationship with our glorious God.

This new series is about how God DESIGNed us to partner with Him in His great works. He is working and we have the privilege of witnessing His handiwork every day.

Part One will focus on God’s master plan for the church. Part Two will be an adventure into His DESIGN of you. So let’s team up in prayer and discovery of the joy Jesus promised to all who abide in Him and see God’s great miracles. (John 15:11)


  • This Sunday, you may pick up the new study guides at the Welcome Center or Small Group kiosk.
  • April 17, is the Light & Power Prom, in the Worship Center, 6:30-9:30 pm.
  • April 18, is Serve-it-up Saturday at “Youth Hope”, 8:00-Noon.


  • Serve-it-up Saturday
  • Pastors and Elders as they work on fresh vision and direction
  • Those who are facing burdens of family, health and transition in life.

Glad for your partnership,

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Steve Springsted

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