Leader’s Guide “Designed by God” – Week 2

Designed By God Study Guide 1-webWeek of April 19, 2015 

Greetings Home Group Shepherds, 

The Lord is always building His church. As we continue to trust in Him, it is our joy to see so many good things happening. There is a fresh spirit of teamwork, several people have expressed new faith in Christ, and people are reaching out to friends in a new wave.

Our Lord promised that as we abide in Him in prayer and obedience, He will produce fruit that lasts forever. Praise God!

Let’s continue to pray for His good work of growing people in the faith, healing families, freeing us from the slavery of this world, and making disciples together.


  • Take some time this week to plan when you will (1) have a meal and communion, (2) serve somewhere together, and (3) invite friends to have fun with your group.


  • Pastors and Elders as we discuss vision and strategy on Sunday afternoon
  • People in your circles of influence who are going through pain or difficult times
  • The leaders of our nation and decisions being made
  • Believers around the world being persecuted and even killed

Glad for your partnership,

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Steve Springsted

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