Leader’s Guide “Designed by God” – Week 4

Designed By God Study Guide 1-webWeek of May 3, 2015

Nothing normal about this summer.

I recently read a new article with this heading:

It also said, “Last week scientists from across the world came together to warn that asteroids could wipe out humanity unless more effort is made to track and destroy them.” (The Telegraph)

That asteroid passed us by. But if we knew it was heading toward us, we would all change our ‘normal.’

A new ‘normal’ is heading toward Trinity. Four big changes are on a trajectory toward us and they are all good news!

  1. Summer visitors. What they hope to find is people who will include them in friendships.
    Will you be one of them?
  2. Pastor search team. They will be seeking candidates for our senior pastor position.
    Can you pray for them?
  3. Clear vision. There are new strategies to equip and empower people to follow Jesus.
    More on this soon.
  4. Mission trips. Multiple groups are going out to Germany, Spain, and Bolivia this summer. They will be teaming up with our missionaries to reach new people with the good news.
    Can you help support and pray for them?


  • Plan your next time to share a meal together.
  • Remember to meet with someone soon about being an apprentice leader. Schedule time to walk through your role as shepherds and how you encourage and equip them.
  • There is still time this quarter to plan a time to serve together. (For example, serving on a Wednesday at Cornerstone (call Sally Hazel at 951-236-1486) or a project in your own neighborhood.)


  • There is great persecution of believers around the world. Please ask your group to continue praying for them.
  • Judy Yamamoto, a leader in Light and Power, discovered that her cancer spread to her liver. Please pray for her and the many who love her.
  • Pray for an apprentice who can start a new group in the fall of 2015.

Glad for your partnership,

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