Leader’s Guide “The Second Coming” Week 2

Second Coming Book Cov1 WEB GenericWeek of September 20, 2015

Greetings Home Group Team, 

Doing “Life Together” is messy. There are multiple schedules, agendas, personalities, needs – the list runs long. The only way that we can do life together, encourage one another, is to be intentional to move relationships up the list.

I have one idea that always helps: Ask people to be “in.” Everyone can love, serve, and pray. Ask the brothers and sisters in your circle to help you do “Life Together.” Ask them what this could look like and what will help you live as His family on mission.

DELEGATION (Repeat from last week)

I want to urge you to delegate responsibilities according to people’s strengths and availability. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Calendar: Ask someone to keep the calendar and send it out to people.
  • Missionary: Ask someone to coordinate efforts to pray and care for your missionary.
  • Facilitators: Ask other people that you trust to facilitate gatherings.
  • Roster: Ask someone to prepare and send out a roster. (Copy Julie in the office at jhumphrey@trinityonline.org.)


I’m praying that God will give His joy and hope as you shepherd your flock,

In His love,

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