Leader’s Guide “Second Coming” Week 7

Second Coming Part 2 webWeek of October 25, 2015

Greetings Shepherds,

Because you are leaders at Trinity, I want to share with you ‘Four Big Things’ that happened in the last week:

  • The Pastor Search Team has finished all preliminary training and education and is engaged in searching for a Senior Pastor candidate to pass on to the Elders of Trinity.
  • The Pastoral Staff completed our Philosophy of Ministry. This is how the Trinity Family of believers will do ministry and fulfill our mission to make disciples in the Inland Empire. This is important to any Pastoral candidate and us.
  • With much excitement and anticipation, we made a decision to launch a prayer focus for students and adults at Trinity Church.
  • The Women’s and Light and Power Retreats went very well.
  • The Student Ministries are engaged in making disciples and seeing fruit every week.

October 25: Week Seven study
October 30: International Friendship Connection Fall Gathering (Praise to God – the last event had 100+ people from countries around the world).
October 31: Halloween in your neighborhood
November 1: Back to Pacific Standard Time on Sunday

Ideas for how to connect with “your world” on Halloween from Kim Simons:

It’s a night when hundreds of families will wander around your neighborhood, smiling and enjoying one another, and giving candy to children. Think strategically: For those who are anti-Halloween I have this challenge. One night a year one hundred families want to come to your door and say hello. Are you going to greet them? Or are you going to turn off your light and pretend they don’t exist? Don’t be “that family” on your block. Also, don’t be that neighbor that hands out a tract and no candy. If you do hand out a tract, make sure there is a way to follow up, or “continue” the conversation. Embrace Halloween as an opportunity to be good news in your neighborhood.

  • Sit on the front porch and talk to people as they come by. Resist the temptation to go inside between visitors. Make great small talk with parents. You will be surprised how your neighbors will do the same. You can even have great little conversations porch-to-porch between visitors.
  • Make it a game. Set up a simple game in your front yard to give trick-or-treaters the opportunity to win the big candy bar. It could be as simple as a bean bag toss or throwing a football to knock something down.
  • Host a warming station on your block. Set up a little tent in your driveway or front yard and serve coffee, hot cocoa, and apple cider. It’s a great break to the routine and easy to invite your small group or someone who doesn’t have trick-or-treaters to help with.
  • Do something fun and not-so-scary. Rent a bounce house and play some music. Just because you don’t want to get into the whole ghosts/zombie thing doesn’t mean you can’t be creative to have some fun with the hundreds of kids who will come up your walk.
  • Have a Halloween block party. Organize your neighbors so that everyone comes out to enjoy a potluck dinner such as a baked potato or chili bar with lots of toppings. Close off the street, and get to know your neighbors as others come through and trick-or-treat. This is a perfect opportunity for conversations!

Get together with some other friends and families from Trinity and brainstorm how you will punch holes in the darkness this Halloween.

October 30: International Friendship Connection gathering. (Please pray for me for I have been asked to speak).
Halloween Outreach in our neighborhoods and communities.

May His love and grace keep you,
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