Leader’s Notes “Face to Face with Jesus” Week of January 17

Face2Face w Jesus WEB “A woman doing Chores”
John 4:1-43

Greetings Home Group Shepherds, 

How can we best serve the Lord? After all, we know that we are here to glorify Him and that we are only on this earth for a brief time. So isn’t this the question that we should be considering.

Our Lord answered this question in Matthew 9: Pray for workers. This isn’t all we to do, but it is the first thing that we are to do. For us today, this means that we pray (1) for our family, (2) for our Home group, (3) for our church, and (4) for His people sent out to be His workers. As we pray, God is doing a work to call disciples (Matthew 10) who will make disciples to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Trinity is focused on praying. We’re praying for us to live as His disciples, for the needs of our church family, and for our Senior Pastor Search team. It is all focused on what God is doing in the world. Please consider how you can best lead your Home Group in praying for God to send out workers.

January 17:  TLC family picnic
January 30:  Men’s Breakfast Event (please pray and invite your friends)


  • Please read the introductory portions of the booklet. You may want to read this with your group. This helps everyone understand some essentials of a healthy community.
  • Remember that we are aiming at a new rhythm of having three studies in four weeks. This allows the fourth week to be used for a meal together, for serving together or for catch up.

I want to urge you to delegate responsibilities according to people’s strengths and availability. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Calendar: Ask someone to keep the calendar and send it out to people.
  • Missionary: Ask someone to coordinate efforts to pray and care for your missionary.
  • Facilitators: Ask other people that you trust to facilitate gatherings.
  • Roster: Ask someone to prepare and send out a roster. (Copy Julie in the front office at jhumphrey@trinityonline.org)

Your coworker in the gospel,
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