Leader’s Notes “Face to Face with Jesus” Week of February 7

Face2Face w Jesus WEB“A Teacher, A follower, and the Twelve”
Matthew 8:18-27

Greetings brothers and sisters, 

 Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how we can team up to reach our worlds. Jesus has given us the good news, the promise of being effective, the Holy Spirit, a family / team, and a world to reach.

As you and your group are learning the stories of Jesus’ life or another topic, you are equipping people to do the greatest mission on this earth – helping others to know, love, and follow Jesus. So let’s keep praying and encouraging each other. God is always working through His people.

For encouragement and sharpening of our skills, we will have a Leader’s Huddle on SundayFebruary 21, 8:00-9:15 am, in Room M102. Join us for a light breakfast and a discussion on ‘Being Real.’


  • The Thailand team is serving and then traveling home this week.
  • Fuente de Vida is hosting a Valentine’s outreach.
  • Middle School winter retreat is this weekend.

With thankfulness for you,
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