Leader’s Notes “Face to Face with Jesus” Week of March 6

Face-Face Study guide 2 graphicGreetings Leaders, 

I hope you enjoyed some time together last week. Whether it’s sharing a meal or serving somewhere, it’s all a part of doing life and mission together.

I hope you are still looking to both discover and encourage others to consider leading a group.

This is a good time of the year to ask different people to lead your group and try their hand. As you coach them, be sure to share your leader’s notes and the responsibilities of shepherding a group.


  • March 6: Discover God’s Design begins (three-week course)
  • March 11: TLC movie night in worship center
  • March 12: Loft House pre-build on the plaza
  • April 4: All church lunch together (following services)

Yours in Christ,
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