Leader’s Notes “Real Fellowship: A Study in 1 John”: Week 4

Study Guide 2 May 2016Week of May 1
God is Righteous
1 John 2:29-3:10

Greetings Friends,

To the outside world, all looks well in our United States. But, as you know, we are facing the pangs of sin. People are struggling with relationships, with emotional pain, and some lost the battle. Five young people in our community took their own life in the last month. In addition, you know the stress of living in a country that promises ease and peace and doesn’t deliver. Millions are without Jesus as Savior, without the Father to ask, and without the Comforter.

Let’s continue to pray, to love, and to reach – this world desperately needs Jesus.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for our elders who are giving themselves to the work of overseeing.
  • Pray for the Search Team and the next steps of having a candidate for the Next Senior Pastor.
  • Pray for our High School and Middle School students who are moving up.


  • National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 5. We will host a gathering in downtown Redlands, at Noon, to pray with people from other congregations. Join us at the corner of 5th and State Street at Ed Hales park.

So glad for our Savior,

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