Leader’s Notes – Ephesians: Week of 8.21.16

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Ephesians 1:3-14
God’s Glorious plans in Christ 

NOTE: Please join us for the Home Group Leader’s Retreat on August 27, 8:00-3:00 pm at Forest Home. Todd Arnett will open the morning as we discuss the role of Home Group in making disciples. Please RSVP to jhumphrey@trinityonline.org

Greetings Home Group Leaders,

This is a new season at Trinity Church. Not just because it will soon be Autumn, but because we are reaffirming our united passion to love and follow the Lord Jesus. Together, we will pursue what it means to be God’s people, joined in a covenant, living as His family, and reaching our world with the good news of Jesus Christ. We call it “Doing Life and Mission Together.”

This is also football season. Our lead pastor, Todd Arnett, will be walking through Ephesians and “throwing in” a few football analogies. That makes this week the “Kickoff” of our new season of Home Groups. Let’s trust God to help us grow in love and faith together.

Chalk talk for the week

Some of you are veterans and know how to start off the season. Please allow me a little redundancy by sharing four things that help the early weeks be productive.

  • Contact everyone in your group to let them know that they are invited, when, where, etc..
  • Aim at trust relationships.
  • Be clear about purpose. (Perhaps read together pages 2-3 of study guide.)
  • Do your best to value and include everyone (both talkers and quiet people).

Prayer Needs for the Trinity family to share with your group

  • Please pray for our victims of the fires and the responders who are at risk.
  • We appear to be entering a season of growth. Pray that we would be welcoming, including, and multiplying leaders of groups.
  • Please pray for our missionaries in difficult places. Pray for their courage, faith, and ability to show love and grace. We have heard from some that their presence in their location is at risk.

Calendar notes

  • August 27: Home Group Leader’s Retreat (8:00 am)
  • August 28: Todd Arnett installation service (4:00 pm)
  • September 11: Fall Reunion at Forest Home (2:00 pm)

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