Leader’s Notes – Ephesians: Week of 9.18.16

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Entrusted to Share the Mystery

CALENDAR NOTE: Our next Leader’s Huddle will be on Sunday, October 9, at 8:00 am. Room TBD.

Greetings Team,

I hope you were able to hear the stories last Sunday. Over 20 people shared their story at the baptism. The beauty of hearing how God reached each person was staggering. Some had parents who tutored them, others through a relative, through our children’s learning center, and some at camp. Praise God.

Since we don’t get to see each other often, I wanted to share a little about some of our Home Group leaders.

  • Tracy and Richard Matney had their baby boy! She and baby Elias are doing well.
  • New Leaders this semester: Sam and Abby Anaya, Anthony and Cindy Conley, Jay and Trisha Fitzgerald, and Phil and Sheryl Gruenler.

We are hoping that all of our Home Groups will adopt a Trinity missionary. If you would like to discover how, please contact Donna Stark at (909) 862-4240.

This might be a good week to encourage people to take up roles in your group. Here are a few suggestions that you could talk about:

  • Who will keep the calendar?
  • Who will coordinate how to encourage the missionaries that you have adopted?
  • Who will help you scout out opportunities to serve or play together?

Prayer Needs for the Trinity family to share with your group

  • Pray for more volunteers for Micah House.
  • Please pray for our Missionaries on the field. There are many challenges around the world.

Grace to you,

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