Leader’s Notes – Ephesians: Week of 10.16.16

Ephesians Study Guide Web GraphicNOTE TO LEADERS: If you are in the Ephesians series, this could be a week off for your group. Last week, we finished chapter four. So enjoy a meal together, serve somewhere, do something fun together; it’s your choice. 

Our Home Group Leader’s Huddle focused on building a culture of prayer. We discussed the Lord’s Prayer and Paul’s prayers and then spent time praying. We were encouraged to build the culture of prayer and praise in our groups and to be sure we included three elements:

  • Praying for your family in Christ to be empowered to live out who we are in Christ:
    1. Our “daily bread,” forgiveness, God’s will, temptation, protection from evil.
    2. The needs of the people in your group (what they share).
  • Praying for God’s church (local and global):
    1. Praying for people and mission at Trinity Church (leaders, elders, and pastors; love and unity, sharing the good news of Jesus, etc.)
    2. Praying for your adopted missionary and others on mission.
    3. Praying for God’s work in our world (including “kings” and other movements.)
  • Praying for God’s work in “our worlds.”
    1. Praying for one another in your group and the people in their world
    2. Praying for “open doors” where you can love and encourage people, show them grace, and invite them into your circles to know more about Jesus.

Prayer Needs for the Trinity family to share with your group:

  • Pray for the women of Trinity Church on their retreat together this weekend.
  • Pray for the pastors at a conference Monday and Tuesday to learn how we can better serve our church.
  • Pray for our Learning Center teachers and helpers as they model and teach our children.

Save the Date…
Friday, December 16, 6:00-9:00 pm – Candlelight Christmas Party

May His joy be yours,
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*Note: No new Ephesians leader’s notes this week.

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