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Why Study the Second Coming?

Prophecy is a gift from God. He knows that each of us needs hope, faith and direction.

The fact is, we all live in the future. We never stop thinking about our future and what is going to happen to us and our loved ones. We Speculate about everything – the market, the ball game, the election, the possibility of life on other planets, the origin of the universe, and the list goes on and on.

The only reliable answers to questions about the future are from God. He knows and sovereignty controls the destiny of every person, tribe, and nation. His answers are found in the Word of God. Beginning with the first book, there is prophecy of promise. In Genesis 3, God said life would be a struggle because of Satan, the enemy. But God also promised that the offspring of the woman (Jesus) would eventually destroy the serpent (Satan).

Even if you are not curious about what happens, there are many powerful reasons to study the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

  1. Biblical prophecy is all about Jesus.
  2. The Bible is our authority and source of truth.
  3. Prophecy gives us perspective and hope.
  4. Prophecy unfolds the final battles, rewards, and outcomes.
  5. Prophecy can be a tool for sharing your faith.
  6. Lastly, prophecy motivates us to live for Christ today.

Our brief study of the Second Coming will focus on three things: The essential teachings of Scripture, the character of God, and how should we then live. We will not focus on current events or attempt any conjecture concerning dates.

To join a small group, stop by the Home Groups kiosk on Sunday or contact Julie at the church office, (909) 335-7333, x110, or email jhumphrey@trinityonline.org.

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