Koinonia Home Group FAQs

What is a Home Group?
A Home Group usually consists of seven to fifteen adults who meet weekly to study, to share, and to support one another in their Christian lives. A typical meeting lasts from an hour and a half plus a little time for fellowship and refreshments. Some groups incorporate singing and worship. All groups serve together periodically on campus or in the community at places such as at Micah House, Cornerstone, the Cold Weather Shelter, and others.

Why should I join a home group?
In a small group, significant relationships can be developed with other members of our church body while experiencing true biblical community. We grow as Christ-followers as we study and apply God’s Word in our daily lives. Growth also occurs in our love toward God and for others as we share life and faith with one another.

Where and when do they meet?
Home Groups meet in homes throughout the Inland Empire most evenings where they provide an opportunity for each one of us to engage in real community. The limiting factors in organizing a group for a given night and location are the availability of trained leaders, of hosts, and of committed people.

How long does a group last?
Each study session lasts approximately twelve weeks. We divide the study sessions during the year according to the seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer). At the end of each season, people are free to stay in the same group, join another group, or take a break. The majority of groups stay together throughout the year. However, most groups do not meet regularly during the summer though many meet socially or informally.

Can I bring my kids?
We have found that it is best for kids to remain in the comfort of their own homes with a sitter. When children are within earshot, they distract their parents and inhibit discussion.

Can I change groups?
If the group you are assigned to is not a good fit, you’re welcome to try another one.

How do I join a Home Group?
It’s easy. Fill out an online form, email us, or call the Home Group Ministries Assistant at (909) 335-7333, x110.