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About This Series:
A face-to-face with Jesus was an encounter with God. One doesn’t brush up against Jesus and not be changed. People approached with needs and left with blessings; questions were answered with questions; the humble were exalted and the exalted were humbled. Our journey through these stories is to learn about what led to true faith in the amazing Jesus and how we can encourage others in the journey.

The first four books of the New Testament weave a fabric of stories. We have chosen nine real-life encounters and what happens when people encounter the amazing Jesus. Each of them is an unveiling of Jesus and how people can know Him as their true Lord.

John 3:1-15 – Nicodemus
John 4:1-43 – A woman doing chores
Luke 8:40-56 – Jairus
Matthew 8:18-27 – A teacher, a hesitant follower, and the 12
Mark 2:1-12 – A paralytic and friends
Luke 7:1-10 – A centurion
Mark 6:30-43 – The multitude in the wilderness
John 9:1-41 – A blind man
Luke 19:1-10 – Zacchaeus

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