Koinoina Study Guide

God’s Master Plan To Change The World

God’s design for the church is that every Christian is called to fulfill a vital part of God’s purposes. We are all full-time ministers. We are all engaged in His works to help others know, love and follow Jesus Christ. This new series, “Designed by God”, will address two parts of God’s design. Part one will focus on how he designed the church (us). The second part will focus on how He designed and guided you to serve in the church and reach your world.

You may pick up a printed copy of the study booklet at the church office, or on Sunday on The Plaza at the Small Group kiosk or the Welcome center.

Home Group Study Guide Weeks 1-4

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Acts 9-12 graphicFor the next few months we are going to be studying the book of Acts.

“Acts” is a record of the continuing work of
Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit indwelled
followers of Jesus, the world changed. But it
is more than stories, more than a thirty year
record, and more than an account of the
apostles. It is God’s inspired words designed
to transform our lives and our ministry in
the world. As we consider and apply God’s
Word, the Holy Spirit will be transform our
lives and change the world.

This year we are trying something new and printing the study book in parts. You can pickup a printed copy at the front office, or Sunday on The Plaza at the Koinoina Kiosk.

Koinonia Study Guide Week 9-12
Koinonia Study Guide Week 5-8
Koinonia Study Guide Week 1-4

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