Small Group Commitment

We believe that significant relationships with other Christ-followers are essential for healthy spiritual growth. That’s why we urge people to be actively involved in a small group where real fellowship (koinonia) with God and with other believers is cultivated. As we are “Doing Life and Mission Together” in a healthy small group, we will naturally build one another up in faith while encouraging the best and bearing each other’s burdens.

Commitments are always a part of this kind of family and teamwork. As a member of a small group, you are asked to make five commitments that form the essential foundation for a healthy small group:

Grace:  Extending grace to one another is imitating God’s relationship to us. We are on a journey to know and follow Christ together.

Faithfulness: Consistent attendance is necessary to develop deep and safe relationships. Therefore, we must commit to making our group a priority.

Preparation: Members are urged to complete the material beforehand and come ready to share in conversation about what they have learned and thought about.

Confidentiality: What is shared in the group remains in the group. Trust is vital for the creation of an atmosphere where people feel the freedom to share beyond the superficial.

Burden-bearing: Small groups are a place where burden-bearing relationships takes place (Galatians 6:2). Members need to be willing to support and pray for one another as they face life’s challenges and opportunities.