Why Home Groups?

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What we can fully know about God is found in the Scriptures, the Bible. From there we know that God is love and created us to be in a love relationship with Him and one another. He wants us to live in genuine community. In the New Testament, the early church was an amazing family ‘Doing Life and Mission Together.’ They cared for one another with sacrificial kindness and were engaged in the mission of all missions, helping others to know our God of compassion and forgiveness.

Authentic community requires the intentional building of relationships. At Trinity, we believe that each of us needs to be in a small group of people that we learn to trust, share, and care for one another. In addition, these circles of friends are a place where we can cheer and pray for one another in life and ministry.

“Koinonia Home Groups” gets it’s name from the Greek word “Koinonia” which means “close relationships” or “fellowship.” Our close relationships are based on our common love for and relationship with Jesus Christ. The “Home Groups” is based on our locations. We meet in one another’s homes because we’re family.

Genuine or ‘real’ relationships will always require that we learn to trust one another, forebear the small stuff, and pursue what is good. We strive for that beautiful picture of ‘Doing Life and Mission together’ in real time.

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